Bills Continuing into the 2018 Session

“First Responders” Firearm Bill – Passed the House, Now in a Senate Committee
  • The House passed a bill (H.3566) that allows possession of a firearm on a school campus for a first responder. However, that responder must have a concealed weapons permit, and must have completed an additional one-week training course. First responders are emergency medical personnel and firefighters who respond to a school emergency. The bill ended the session in the Senate Judiciary Committee, but this year is the first of a two-year session. Therefore, bills will be picked up in 2018 where they ended in the just-completed session.
School Facilities Act – Passed the House, Now in a Senate Committee
  • The House passed legislation (H.3343) that sets up a structure for the state to sell bonds to raise money for facility construction, renovations, and deferred maintenance needs in school districts. The State Department of Education establishes a priority list of projects to be approved by the State Board of Education. Following that, the General Assembly would give final approval for the sale of bonds. The bill ended the session in the Senate Finance Committee where it will be taken up again in 2018.
Appointment of the State Supt. of Education Bill – Passed the Senate, Now in a House Committee
  • The Senate passed a bill (S.027) that changes the State Superintendent of Education from an elected position to one appointed by the Governor. The bill did not make it out of the House Judiciary Committee, but it can be taken up in 2018. If legislation is approved by both chambers and signed by the Governor, a state referendum on amending the state constitution would need approval before the change could go into effect.

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