PEP Talk: School Choice

Public Education Partners launched its PEP Talk series at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in early June 2017. The series is a brown-bag luncheon, exposing individuals from the Greenville community to salient topics related to education. As a result, this helps build their knowledge to become better informed advocates for our local public schools.

The first topic featured Pam Mills, Coordinator of Government Relations for Greenville County Public Schools; in addition to Elliot Smalley, Superintendent of South Carolina Public Charter School System. They discussed school choice within the context of Greenville’s public school system. Consequently, it was a great forum for our citizens to learn and engage the panelists about this timely hot-button issue.

Pam Mills, Nancy Halverson, PEP Talk elliot-smalley-pam-mills-steve-hairston-pep-talk elliott-smalley-smiles-pep-talk pam-mills-pep-talk elliott-smalley-pam-mills-pep-talk ben-saul-pep-talk elliott-smalley-pam-mills-steve-hairston-looking-pep-talk elliott-smalley-light-pep-talk crowd-pep-talk  kids-playing-pep-talk -pep-talk PEP Talks panel and attendees panoramic shot-pep-talk