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Steve Hairston, PEP Rally producer and PEP's Public Policy and Advocacy Director
Steve Hairston, Public Policy and Advocacy Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to PEP Rally, Public Education Partners’ circular on issues addressing public policy, advocacy, and community engagement for Greenville and its public schools. This subscription and web publication will help inform you of policies and news affecting our schools at the local and state level, plus provide a place where you can learn about how and when to voice your opinion of policies affecting Greenville’s public school system. I will also share information on events where you can gain further knowledge of education issues, innovative programs, and matters surrounding our local learning sector.

By following the links below, I will communicate to you the critical importance of supporting and strengthening our public schools. Knowledge is power, and by positioning our community as informed, knowledgeable advocates for strong public schools, consequently PEP can help create the conditions by which all students have access to excellent educational opportunities. If every student in Greenville has such access and opportunities, Greenville’s future is most certainly bright!

So what can you do now to be an effective advocate? Do you know your federal representatives? Who is the South Carolina House or Senate member that represents your district and school within Greenville County? If you cannot answer that question with 100% certainty, visit our contact your representative page! As a result of knowing the people who represent you and your schools, you will be one step closer to becoming a more effective advocate.

We value you as a partner, and I look forward to providing you with regular and thoughtful information. On our YouTube page I address some of the different ways you and I will stay connected. I also discuss the timeliness of this publication. If you would like to share your thoughts, concerns, ask questions, suggest topics for future PEP Rally editions, or have me speak to you or your group/organization, do not hesitate to send me a message at Most of all I would love to hear from and connect with you!

Thank you for your wisdom, energy, time, and for providing an additional voice to advocate for Greenville’s public schools.


Steve Hairston
Public Policy and Advocacy Director
Public Education Partners

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