Innovative Teaching Grants

The best learning environments shape students into independent, creative thinkers with real-world skills. But these environments can only be built by innovative teaching – and innovative teaching can be expensive.

At Public Education Partners, we believe in the power of creative, leading-edge instruction. We also believe this kind of instruction shouldn’t be limited by money. To help make up the difference, we award Innovative Teaching Grants to Greenville County high school teachers who employ collaborative, evidence-based practices in their classrooms.  These grants give teachers the opportunity to expand their teaching methods and invest in creative education tools that otherwise would be out of reach.

In 2015, PEP, in partnership with Verizon, awarded Innovative Teaching Grants totaling $9,822.70 to support five high school teachers in creating classroom projects/units centered on STEM-related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The grants encourage student engagement and collaboration with a real-world application.

Three classrooms used their grant for 3D printing technology to complete projects, including designing toys, creating a plant growth chamber that would support plant life in space and designing a prototype of a base building that would support human life on Mars.

Another class in environmental science featured student experiments in raised-bed and aquaponic gardening to maximize vegetable production in various growing conditions. The final recipient, a broadcasting class, developed industry-ready skills as students worked collaboratively to produce a daily news program.

The grants, made possible by a generous donation from Verizon, were available to high school teachers of any content area (STEM, Humanities, Related Arts) as long as the projects/units related to one or more STEM fields. Already, the grants have provided one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for students and will continue to enrich these classrooms for years ahead.


If you are interested in sponsoring Innovative Teaching Grants, please contact PEP at 864-233-4133.