Steve Hairston

Agency & Advocacy Director • 864-233-4137

Steve is the Agency and Advocacy Director for Public Education Partners and brings 15 years of higher education leadership and secondary experience to PEP.

He is responsible for advancing the PEP mission by leading and managing PEP’s public policy and advocacy efforts. Steve will build the knowledge and capacity of PEP, PEP’s Board of Directors, organizations and other stakeholders across the Greenville community. He will also provide information to interested community members and parents on public education issues and legislation to encourage others to become public school advocates.

Steve has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hope College (MI) and a Master of Business Administration degree from Clemson University.

Prior to joining PEP in January 2017, he spent 15 years in higher education administration as a member of the admission teams at Davidson College, The College of William & Mary, and the University of Richmond. Most recently Steve served as a college guidance counselor in the District of Columbia at the KIPP DC charter school system.

Steve and his wife Christen raise their two children in downtown Greenville, and in his spare time he loves creating culinary delights in the kitchen, training for upcoming running events, searching for vintage soul and hip-hop records, and spending time with extended family and friends.

Most Rewarding Aspect of Working with PEP

Helping strengthen students’ opportunities for higher education

“Public Education Partners is helping students grow and strengthening their opportunities in schools. It is exciting to be a strong advocate for public school education and help students and families navigate the numerous paths towards higher education.”