Public Policy & Advocacy

PEP is proud and excited to welcome two new staff members who are going to be working to strengthen our capacity in public policy and advocacy as well as sharing that information with you, the Greenville community.

Steve Hairston, PEP’s Public Policy & Advocacy Director, brings 15 years of secondary and higher education leadership experience to PEP. He is responsible for advancing the organizational mission by leading and managing PEP’s public policy and advocacy efforts. Steve will build the knowledge and capacity of PEP, PEP’s Board of Directors, and other stakeholders across the Greenville community. He will also provide information to interested community members and parents on public education issues and legislation to encourage others to become public school advocates.

Craig Stine, PEP’s Senior Researcher, brings more than 25 years of experience in Greenville’s non-profit sector and 7 years of experience from government and the private sector to PEP. He is responsible for advancing the PEP mission by managing research and data analysis needs. Craig will remain informed about education-related research and data, as well as federal, state, and local policy, to better inform PEP’s programming and advocacy efforts. Craig was previously with PEP from 2004-2014, where he worked as the team’s Public Policy and Research Manager.

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