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At Public Education Partners, we’re dedicated to improving public education in Greenville County – advocating for and supporting policy that supports public education is a lever to do so. But in order for effective change to occur, we need your help. It all starts with awareness. By knowing what’s currently at stake in our public education system, you can become an effective advocate for our children, our teachers and our schools.


National Education News

Education Week
  1. GOP Health Care Proposals: What Educators Should Know
  2. How Would Typical Teachers Fare Under the GOP’s Tax Bill?
Usable Knowledge (Harvard)
  1. Interpersonal Skills and Today’s Job Market
NY Times
  1. Competition Is Ruining Childhood. The Kids Should Fight Back.
The Philadelphia Tribune
  1. Segregating public schools won’t make America great again

State and Local Education News

Statehouse Report
  1. News Brief: Can a Kentucky program help SC’s poorest schools?
  2. Child well-being varies in S.C. as shown in tale of 2 counties
  1. Thousands of SC teachers didn’t return to their positions last year, report shows
  2. Upstate school bus spews smoke, flames while transporting students
The 74
  1. Inside the $1 Million Fight to Hold South Carolina’s For-Profit Virtual Schools Accountable
US News & World Report
  1. Schools Target Technical Education to Prepare Workforce