Facts & Figures on our Public Schools

Craig Stine
Craig Stine – PEP Senior Researcher

Facts & Figures on our Public Schools is a publication of Public Education Partners. It provides information on K-12 public education in Greenville County and on issues impacting our public schools locally and in South Carolina. Presented in an easy-to-use format, topics covered include teachers, spending, funding, academic achievement, and the impact of education on economic prosperity.


This document is for parents, educators, our elected representatives, community leaders, and the general public. Our objective is that with improved knowledge the reader will more effectively engage in individual and community actions. As a result, they will help to continuously improve public schools in Greenville County through efforts at the local, state, and federal levels.

The data and information in Facts & Figures comes from a large number of local, state, and national sources. Therefore, this information is detailed in the separate Data Sources document for each section.

Please contact Public Education Partners at 864-233-4137 if you have questions or comments about any information in the document.

Finally, thanks for reading and using Facts & Figures!


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Facts & Figures on our Public Schools DocumentFacts & Figures on our Public Schools Data Sources Document