Public Policy Links

Public Education Partners works to impact the passage of legislation and policies at the state, federal and local school board levels that improve the quality of public education in Greenville County.

We do this by:

  • Establishing positions on priority public education issues impacting Greenville County Schools.
  • Informing community parents, educators, and concerned citizens of the issues, our positions, and the actions they can take to influence decision makers.
  • Assisting parents and educators in meeting and communicating with their state legislators.
  • Providing public education supporters with timely information they can use to contact their state legislators on a specific bill.
  • Coordinating public policy efforts with state education organizations, the local school district, and local and state PTAs and school improvement councils (SICs).
  • Providing information to public education supporters and the wider community on state and school board elections.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the links below. They provide important information about our advocacy partners, governing agencies and educational system, helping you become a more effective and informed advocate.


Also see our links and contact information under Contact Your Representatives.