First-Year Teachers

The quality of an education system depends on the quality of its teachers. When teachers are empowered to give their best, students perform at higher levels, schools thrive and communities are strengthened. It’s our goal to give Greenville County’s teachers the tools they need to make amazing things happen.

One of the greatest challenges for teachers is their induction year. With new responsibilities and unforeseen obstacles, new teachers can easily get overwhelmed. That’s why PEP invests every year in teacher orientation programs. By coming alongside these teachers with timely support, guidance and aid, we give them the resources they need to successfully navigate that challenging first year and beyond.

Our first orientation program was launched in 2013. Recognizing a need for increased teacher support, PEP collaborated with the Human Resources division of Greenville County Schools to plan and present an orientation session for novice teachers.  We created a focus group of teachers who had just completed their first year of teaching.  These teachers suggested topics for our inaugural teacher orientation sessions, which were held in August of 2013.

This initial event created the foundation for the first-year teacher orientations that are still held every summer. New teachers throughout Greenville County are invited to attend these events, which introduce the support services PEP offers, provide tips and information about what teachers can expect in their induction year and culminate in a luncheon.

With this fun, informative kickoff to the school year, Greenville County teachers receive an insightful preview into their first year and gain critical tools to help them navigate the ground ahead. Combined with the ongoing support of PEP, these resources help teachers feel prepared and empowered to make their first year – and all the years following– a rousing success.

PEP also hosts Induction Teacher Networking events in the fall and spring, bringing together teachers, their mentors, Greenville County Schools leadership, community and business leaders, as well as PEP Board Members and staff. These events allow teachers to share successes and challenges and gain valuable support from each other and engaged members of the community.