What We’ve Done

Since 1985, Public Education Partners has worked to make public education better for all of Greenville County’s children. By collaborating with the community, educators, elected officials and local organizations, we’ve created initiatives that provide critical resources for children and teachers, strengthen schools and improve our public education system.

Our work has had a widespread impact in Greenville County. Since our inception, with the help of our donors and corporate sponsors, we’ve invested over $13,000,000 in our students, teachers and schools – and that number is still rising. In, 2016, PEP’s programs have touched 84 schools, directly impacted over 5,000 teachers and reached over 76,000 students.

While the challenges facing our public education system continue to grow more complex, we are steadfast in our belief that we can make a difference. That’s why we’re not content with what we’ve already done. We will continue to press forward and address new areas of need until every child in our county receives the excellent education he or she deserves.